Clarity Grid Developer Network Intro

Clarity Grid (Clarity) plays a vital role in the energy industry by extracting, transforming, and loading tariffs for Electric Distributors (Utilities) across the lower 48 states and Australia, as well as wholesale prices from the seven US Independent System Operators (ISOs). By merging a third data set that reflects hourly usage, Clarity’s integrated platform can offer invaluable insights into the economics of energy, both at wholesale points and at the customer’s electric meter.

Clarity organizes its data into four key sections: Tariff Rates, Bill Calculation, Analytics, and Nodal. All data is structured in standard formats regardless of the type of Distributor or regulatory status of the location being examined. Extracting, transforming, and loading data into a common format is a critical first step in making data accessible and usable for analysis and decision-making.

By standardizing the format of data, users can more easily compare and analyze data and economics across different locations in the US and Australia.